Central Cologne   13th February, 20.45

With 120 through the city!

Chris (18) in the rush of speed. His parents are about to confront him.
LEOWORX: iNanny car
St. Moritz  12th January, 12.00

Awesome downhill!

Its location is our secret.
LEOWORX: iNanny family
Greece  12th May, 10.30

Don’t worry.

The grandparents are back at the hotel.
LEOWORX: iNanny family

How we create the future

The business of LEOWORX is focused on satellite-based positioning systems based on GPS and GSM technologies. Because, firstly, we have monitored the development of these technologies from the very beginning and we have accumulated considerable know-how. Secondly, because we believe that satellite tracking systems will have a great future in private use as well as in the commercial sector.

Our goal is to participate actively in shaping this future and to inspire many people with the advantages of new technological potentials. With products that are geared to the needs of their users. With comprehensive services that are reliably available.