Central Cologne   13th February, 20.45

With 120 through the city!

Chris (18) in the rush of speed. His parents are about to confront him.
LEOWORX: iNanny car
St. Moritz  12th January, 12.00

Awesome downhill!

Its location is our secret.
LEOWORX: iNanny family
Greece  12th May, 10.30

Don’t worry.

The grandparents are back at the hotel.
LEOWORX: iNanny family

Things, which distinguish us

Every product of LEOWORX reflects the current state of technology and easy of servicing. Guaranteed by our unremitting commitment to the development of new ideas for GPS and GSM solutions as well as by the permanent optimization of our service. Ultimately the perfect combination of hardware and software is the basis of our success.

We are an internationally operating company based in Germany. We cooperate with a well organized network of well-known business partners throughout the whole world. A strong combination of authority, which guarantees our achievement and furthers steady progress. With clear focus on innovation, quality and personal service.