Central Cologne   13th February, 20.45

With 120 through the city!

Chris (18) in the rush of speed. His parents are about to confront him.
LEOWORX: iNanny car
St. Moritz  12th January, 12.00

Awesome downhill!

Its location is our secret.
LEOWORX: iNanny family
Greece  12th May, 10.30

Don’t worry.

The grandparents are back at the hotel.
LEOWORX: iNanny family

Our way to strengths

We are one of the leading supplier of satellite-based locating systems. We had the favor to win some most experienced specialists to exploit and realize our new ideas together with us. Among them, software developers, engineers, well-known production companies, designers and sales professionals as well as a team of service employees, who support us worldwide. Not to let unmentioned the big name companies, whose well-established products are to be found in our solutions: