Central Cologne   13th February, 20.45

With 120 through the city!

Chris (18) in the rush of speed. His parents are about to confront him.
LEOWORX: iNanny car
St. Moritz  12th January, 12.00

Awesome downhill!

Its location is our secret.
LEOWORX: iNanny family
Greece  12th May, 10.30

Don’t worry.

The grandparents are back at the hotel.
LEOWORX: iNanny family

iNanny family

The ideal solution for locating people.

  • Ideal for watching over children
  • Provides older people who are out and about with more security and self confidence.
  • Supports the care of those in need of looking after
  • Facilitates finding runaway pets
  • and much more

Visit www.inanny.de for more information


Provides more safety and comfort in the vehicle.

Tracar OBD2

without mounting costs - with OBD2