We track everything

-Ralf Kiehne, Geschäftsführer


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We help create transparency to make your day-to-day work easier. Simple and comprehensible solution, with measurable added value!

We track everything

-Ralf Kiehne, managing director

Since 2008, Leoworx offers individual and enterprise tracking solutions for vehicles, ships, aircrafts, assets, and people. We will help improve your green footprint. Simple and comprehensible solution, with measurable added value!

The Portal

For PC and as an App

At the heart of all our hardware products is our software. Enabled with user role management, we can help you manage your assets in a secure multi-user environment without compromising the privacy of the users. In our user-friendly portal you can manage
a large number of devices and enable full or limited access to other users within your organization. A non-exhaustive list of features includes, location monitoring, theft protection, logbooks, pool-vehicle management, service intervals, drive authorization and authentication, geofencing, reports, statistics, etc. Most of the features are also available on our Android and iOS apps.

Die Hardware
The hardware

Our Tracking hardware that meets the highest standards. The ultimate solution for your fleet management, whether you own one or 10,000 vehicles. With us you can track and protect your car, truck fleet, industrial trucks, construction machinery or containers. Unnoticed theft, forgotten trips or inaccurate data are a thing of the past!

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Trackinghardware die den höchsten Ansprüchen genügt. Die Lösung für Ihr Flottenmanagement, egal ob Sie ein oder eintausend Fahrzeuge besitzen. Mit uns schützen Sie Ihren PKW, die LKW-Flotte, Baumaschinen oder Container. Unbemerkter Diebstahl, vergessene Fahrten oder ungenaue Daten gehören dann der Vergangenheit an.

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Who is Leoworx?


Our Motivation

Unsere Motivation

Our Motivation

Customer focused solutions and technical know-how are at the heart of everything we do. We provide you with the important insights, whether with our portal solutions orby forwarding the relevant data to your systems.

Das Team von Leoworx

Our Misson

Unsere Mission

Our Misson

Thanks to years of experience in the development of hardware-based tracking solutions, we can understand and meet the requirements of our customers. Constantly developing our products and services defines our appreciation for our customers and makes us successful!

Meeting Raum

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

What drives us above all is our passion for the "Internet of Things". Solutions that are simple and comprehensible in their application and fit perfectly into ever evolving digital world. Whether in a private or business environment, we create automatisms that are effective and efficient at the same time.

Grafik für Internet der Dinge
Person die auf einem Stuhl sitzt

"More than 8 years ago, we found a trustworthy enterprise partner in Leoworx Ortungssysteme GmbH. Leoworx has been a competent and reliable partner in the development and operation of the Vodafone IoT Tracker."

Tobias Icks
Executive Product Manager IoT Solutions

Find your perfect Leoworx solution

Here we give you the opportunity to find the right solution for you in just three clicks.


Leoworx bietet seit 2008 individuelle Lösungen für IoT-Tracking mit Fokus auf Personen- und Fahrzeugortung. Egal, ob Sie ein oder eintausend Fahrzeuge oder Devices besitzen. Wir schaffen Sicherheit und Vertrauen durch neuste Technik, um Ihren Alltag zu erleichtern.

What is IoT tracking?

The Internet of Things – known asIoT – creates added value by giving us access to intelligent, networked devices in our environment. The Leoworx IoT trackers enable fast and reliable tracking and monitoring of assets, vehicles, machines and people. The interaction of IoT hardware and databases creates intelligent solutions that create added value for every company and make work much easier for users.

What are the advantages of Leoworx IoT products?

Our IoT trackers log and store the location of cars and vans as well as the transport routes of containers, parcels and people in real time. A know-how that is indispensable in today's world.

Thanks to our software, you can easily digitize conventional processes, such as keeping a logbook or managing your assets, and evaluate the associated statistics.

Our focus is on ensuring that you work more efficiently and cost-effectively and have a digital overview of your goods, assets or employees anytime and anywhere.

Can I manage my devices via an app?

To help you stay on top of things, we offer various apps that can be used to manage your challenges on the go.

How can I contact the Leoworx team?

The easiest way is via our inquiry form on this website. Alternatively, you are always welcome to send us an email: hello@leoworx.com or reach us by phone: +49 681 952636-0

Who is behind Leoworx?

Since 2008, Leoworx has been offering individual solutions for IoT tracking with a focus on asset, person and vehicle tracking. It doesn't matter if you own one or 100,000 vehicles or assets. We create security, clarity and added value through the latest technology to increase your ROI and make everyday life easier for you

What is a Pool Vehicle?

If you manage multiple vehicles that are not tied to a fixed driver, the pool vehicle management function offers you the option of maintaining a Fahrtenbuch (logbook) by vehicle, as well as a Fahrtenbuch (logbook) by individual driver.

Is customization of products or solutions possible?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or customization options. Either in our contact form, or by phone at +49 681 952639-0

Are there any additional costs for tracking abroad?

You can use our systems throughout Europe at no additional cost. We also offer suitable tariffs for use in countries outside Europe.

Das Dashboard für Smartphone und Tablet

Optimize the performance of your fleet!

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